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Can You Iron A Tote Bag Safely? Remove All The Wrinkles?

Can You Iron A Tote Bag Safely? Remove All The Wrinkles?

Tote bags are so convenient and inexpensive when out shopping or taking your kids to a variety of activities. The only issue, especially with canvas tote bags, is they tend to wrinkle.

Or if you just received a new canvas tote it will have wrinkles from the way it was folded for shipping. So, can you use an iron to get rid of those annoying wrinkles?

You can iron a canvas tote bag by simply spraying the tote with a little water and using a handheld iron. Ironing with steam is also effective at removing wrinkles. In both cases the iron needs to be on the highest temperature setting. To avoid scorching cover with a damp towel or Teflon paper.

There are several solutions when using an iron to remove wrinkles from tote bags. But please be careful, I’d hate to see you damage your beautiful totes by scorching, burning or even melting them. I’ll explain several ways to keep your totes wrinkle free whether they’re made with canvas, leather, or even nylon.

Ironing Tote Bags To Remove Wrinkles Or Seams

Canvas tote bags are one of the most popular tote bags available. You can follow DIY plans and make your own or even add iron on images for your own personalization.

But I find it very annoying how they can get wrinkled so easily. Here are a couple simple methods to use to get rid of those pesky wrinkles and seams.

Removing Wrinkles from Canvas Tote Bags

The first method and the one I prefer and recommend:

  1. Liberally spray your canvas tote bag with water
  2. Turn your tote bag inside out
  3. Set your handheld iron on the highest setting
  4. Gently move your iron back and forth over the tote and voila all wrinkles gone.
  5. If your worried about scorching your tote, simply cover with a moist towel or Teflon paper before ironing. This is often done when using an iron press.
  6. You can also simply use steam if you have a steam iron. I’ve also found this works well depending on how badly wrinkled my tote is.

You can also use a product such as Magic Sizing as well to making ironing easier. Some women prefer to use this as well, but I’ve found simply using water or steam is just as effective.

The second method involves using vinegar and I really don’t like this method. I’ve included it just in case the first method doesn’t work and want to give you all the available options. But, quite frankly the first method has always worked for me and I don’t like my tote bags smelling like vinegar.

  1. Mix 1 cup of vinegar with a standard spray bottle filled with water
  2. Saturate the canvas tote with the above mixture.
  3. Hang the tote bag to dry
  4. Once dry, set the handheld iron on the highest temperature and iron your canvas tote bag.

Also, NEVER put your canvas tote bags in the dryer. Canvas material will shrink even on low heat.

Removing Wrinkles from Leather Tote Bags

There is a couple surefire and safe methods to remove those annoying wrinkles and seams from both very expensive and regular leather tote bags.

Using a hair dryer:

  1. Set your hair dryer on the lowest setting
  2. Turn your leather tote bag inside out
  3. Gently blow dry over the wrinkled area

Using an iron:

  1. Set your iron on the lowest temperature setting
  2. Turn your leather tote bag inside out
  3. Gently iron, and I mean gently iron, over the wrinkled area. You can also use a moist cloth placed over your bag. Just not to wet, you don’t want to damage the leather.

Using a clothing dryer:

  1. Turn your leather tote bag inside out
  2. Place in the dryer for a few minutes on the lowest heat setting
  3. Check your bag every 5 to 10 minutes

Out of all the options I’ve mentioned, the one I recommend and prefer is to simply use a blow dryer. Your less likely to damage your leather tote bag and it works really well.

Also, the wrinkles in leather tote bags will often just work out on their own from simply using your bag. This is especially common with a new tote since the leather is more rigid.

You can also try packing your bag with sweaters, scarves etc., and hanging it for a few days. Sometimes this will also help to naturally work the wrinkles out.

Lastly, do not put your leather tote bag in the sun, this will fade the color of your tote.

Removing Wrinkles from Nylon Tote Bags

As with leather tote bags most wrinkles will naturally work their way out of nylon totes just from daily use. But in some cases, these annoying wrinkles and seams are persistent and it’s time for other solutions.

Nylon is not the most forgiving fabric due to being a synthetic fiber that cannot withstand high heat from either a dryer or an iron. You must be careful when removing wrinkles to not shrink, burn or even melt your bag. Also, nylon cannot be dry cleaned.

You can use a clothing steamer to remove wrinkles from a nylon tote and sometimes this works, but I’ll explain a far more quick and reliable method. This method not only removes all the wrinkles and seams but completely cleans your bag.

Using a washing machine:

  1. Place your bag in a pillowcase
  2. Place in the washing machine on the delicate cycle
  3. Then hang the nylon bag by the strap to dry
  4. Your bag will now be clean and more importantly wrinkle free

This method is my favorite way to both clean and remove wrinkles from my nylon bags that is both safe and reliable. It also doesn’t damage any leather trim or straps on your bag. I’ve found that my bags come out so nice and clean just like when I first bought them.

Once the bag is completely dry, I also apply a product such as Apple Guard conditioner or something similar on the leather straps and flap. This keeps the leather from drying out. This is also very important since you just ran the bag through the washing machine.

Sometimes I’ll also spray the bag with Apple guard rain and stain repellent. I don’t always do this, but I would recommend it. Often, I get lazy with my more inexpensive bags that I have and don’t bother.

You can also use a hair dryer, again on a low setting, to gently heat the nylon until it softens. Similar to how it would be from sitting out on a hot summer day.

Then simply press or rub the wrinkles out before the material sets and gets cold again. I’ve found this also works well, but again you have to be careful not to overheat and damage the nylon.

I would never use an iron, even on the lowest setting, to remove wrinkles on a nylon tote bag or any type of nylon material.

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