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Do Goths Wear Black All The Time? What, No Other Colors?

Do Goths Wear Black All The Time? What, No Other Colors?

It is quite common to associate only black clothing with the gothic subculture. They are often seen only wearing black clothes, black boots, black painted fingernails, and well you get the picture. But is that the only color that goths wear?

So, do goths wear black all the time? Most goths will only wear black, or mix it up a bit with dark reds, purples and blues but usually only in small amounts. Whereas some of the newer gothic subgenreswill wear no black at all. They still have the gothic look but because of their style of clothing rather than just the color.

Whether a goth wears black or not really comes down to their personal preference just like any fashion style or subculture. There is a variety of reasons why certain goths will always wear black and why some choose to mix with different colors and why others won’t wear black at all.

Do Goths Always Have To Wear Black

There is no set rule as to whether a person who loves goth style and fashion must only wear black clothing. People who prefer to only wear black are just one of many subgenres within the gothic subculture.

The gothic subculture has many different subgenres who prefer different styles of music and fashion style. It is common, just like most fashion styles, that Goths tend to pick a certain style or fashionable look from their favorite bands and/or artists. They will add some variations to match their own personal style and body type.

Many goths also wear Victorian style clothing such as top hats and corsets. Goths also were a lot of common jewelry and accessories with their outfits. Most goths will wear crosses, ankhs, gothic necklaces and rings.

Can Goths Wear Colors And Still Be Goth

Goths will often wear different colors, and there are sub genres of goth which include a lot of color like cybergoths. They have more dance music influences such as drum and bass, and techno. They use a lot of neon colors such as green and often dye their hair neon colors as well.

Some will wear predominantly black but use a small amount of color to accent certain aspects of their look. More traditional goths or deathrock goths will use colors with black. Such as dark red, blue, purple, or white. Goths are often mistaken for emos. Emos traditional use more color than goths, and will include white t-shirts, and clothing that is considered more mainstream.

Emos have different music tastes to goths. This style is more popular among teenagers and people in their early twenties. Some fashion designers have taken aspects of the emo and goth looks.

More modern and new age goths will use a lot of color whereas more traditional goths influenced by gothic literature or punk rock won't use as much color.

Most people that wear goth clothing wear it because they are a fan of goth music or culture. Therefore, they will stay true to their influences to make it clear what they are. If they wear colors which aren’t part of their style it usually won't look right, and they won't feel comfortable.

How Do You Know If You're A Goth

A person who is goth will know they are goth because they have bought unique clothes and accessories. Some people who aren’t goth may be mistaken for goth, but they don’t consider themselves goth. This is because of the overlap between some genres.

People who like rock bands such as Metallica or Pantera may be mistaken for goth, because they look quite similar. This is because they wear some of the same clothes such as: black leather boots, long black hair, tight black jeans, and accessories.

People may not make a decision to be goth but over time their look slowly changes into a goth look. This is often due to music they listen to. Since they enjoy the music and like the fashion and culture they become more immersed and will gradually complete their gothic style.

What Do Goths Commonly Wear

There are different types of goths. Each genre has its own fashion sense. The stereotypical goth look would have:

  • Black leather boots
  • Obviously - lots of black clothing
  • Silver Cross necklaces
  • Ankh bracelets or necklaces
  • Black nail polish
  • Corsets
  • Top hats
  • Dress shirts
  • Dress ties
  • Waistcoats

Some types of goths also have more of a shock factor to their style, which often is so extreme it gets a negative reaction. Their fashion is influenced by such bands as Marilyn Manson and Slipknot.

They will often include grotesque imagery such as blood, and Satanic symbolism.They will sometimes wear thin white makeup and different colored contact lenses.

Gothic style and clothing has made its way into high end fashion. Elements such as lots of black, Victorian styles, and industrial rock themes are seen by successful and well-respected fashion designers. There are artists whose whole style is goth influenced like Alexander McQueen.


So, goths don’t have to wear black all the time. They will usually wear black in the form of clothing make up and nail polish. Certain genres of goth will wear only a small amount of black. They will usually take influences from bands and musicians which they like.

Deathrock goths are what people generally associate with a goth person. They take elements from horror movies, and literature. They include dark eye makeup, and black clothing, as well as zombie and vampire influences. There are, however, many different types of goth and not all of them wear black all the time.