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Why Do Steampunk’s Wear Goggles? Are They Still Fashionable?

Why Do Steampunk’s Wear Goggles? Are They Still Fashionable?

Whether you love the early airships, the lovely corsets, the gears, the brass or even the steampunk noise, it is difficult not to love everything about this seriously cool fashion genre. One element, however, trumps all the others and that is the steampunk goggle.

Steampunk goggles are a classic symbol of the Victorian age and industrial revolution. Steampunk’s wear goggles to express a fantasized version of the 19th century. From engineers and airship captains to mad scientists and aviators there is no doubt that goggles are a staple for Steampunk style.

The steampunk genre has been around (with varying degrees of popularity) since the early 80’s and is considered a cool, underground style which combines the Victorian style with that of Jules Verne rétrofuturisme.

Wearing a pair of steampunk goggles is, today, considered as the ultimate expression of cool but did you know how the steampunk genre evolved?

Well, the steampunk vibe in general, was inspired by several mainstream fashion designers, such as Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen and even Nicolas Ghesquière of Balenciaga. It is very similar to the goth movement and shares many similarities as an underground movement.

When steampunk first became popular a few decades ago it remained under the radar (although fans would often attend costume parties and the like dressed in full steampunk regalia).

In terms of modern steampunk, hands down the most popular item of clothing would be the steampunk goggles. These goggles are not 100% necessary when dressing up in a steampunk outfit, but they are highly recommended as the go-to accessory.

That being said, if (or, should we say, when) you decide to dress up in your steampunk gear, try and pick out a pair of goggles that actually have a purpose because steampunk goggles add a wonderful, industrial look and are functional as well.

Different Styles Of Steampunk Goggles

When it comes to steampunk goggles, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach. Quite the contrary! There are literally hundreds of steampunk goggle types and you would be amazed at the sheer volume of color, type and material they come in.

Take a pair of steampunk aviation goggles, for example. These goggles are inspired by the bygone era of early flying and are the perfect addition to any aviation-inspired outfit. They are reminiscent of old airships, piloting unchartered territory and various other early aviation technologies.

Some folks prefer their steampunk goggles to look great rather than having any practical function and that is perfectly ok. If this sounds like you, look out for steampunk goggles that have been beautifully made with excellent attention to detail. There is nothing better than wearing some steampunk goggles for the sheer aesthetic effect (not to mention the fact that you will make those around you very envious).

Explorer goggles were initially designed for explorers traveling to the Arctic region. These functional steampunk goggles would protect the explorer’s eyes from the wind, rain and snow and would look amazing when worn with a steampunk-style jacket such as a brown leather fur-lined one.

Of course, if you are searching for the ultimate in steampunk, then you need to consider a pair of steampunk motorcycle goggles. This is especially true if you are a bike rider as they will make you look smooth out on the road, being a great accessory to finish off your biking outfit and will also protect your eyes.

If you need a pair of steampunk goggles for a costume party or for cosplay, then a pair of spiked, copper goggles could be the perfect thing for you. These kinds of non-functional steampunk goggles are ideal for the occasional party or to add to your collection and display.

What Are The Most Popular Colors Of Steampunk Goggles

As mentioned above, steampunk goggles come in all varieties, styles and colors. It is important to remember that when choosing a steampunk goggle color, you need to let your imagination run wild because you will probably find exactly what you need.

The perfect pair of steampunk goggles looks like the perfect pair in your mind. This is because steampunk is essentially a great aesthetic movement that was largely inspired by the famous Victorian age in England, France’s extravagant Belle Epoque and the American Civil War: all which took place in the 1800s.

The most popular colors for steampunk goggles today include copper toned goggles, silver-toned goggles with blue, green or pink lenses, gold apocalypse goggles and beautiful, gold Victorian steampunk goggles that boast green or yellow lenses.

Although any color you want can be used in steampunk fashion, if you pay close attention, you will notice that brown is a predominant shade. Steampunk is great in that it doesn’t place too much emphasis on the perfect color combination but rather favors using different textures to complete your look.

Steampunk is considered an extravagant and fantasized version of the fashion that was popular during the 19th century and early 20th century. Ask any historian or fashion history expert and they will tell you that the steampunk goggle is the most iconic accessory item of this fashion genre.

When it comes to color, your steampunk goggles should, in a perfect world, resemble those that the folks in the 1800s would wear. Although sunglasses were not en vogue during this time, the safety goggle was an essential part of any worker’s outfit.

The 1800s was a very hands-on age, people needed to protect their eyes from the elements, steam spurts while working on machines, and low temperatures, wind, rain and snow while flying at high altitudes. Therefore, a pair of steampunk goggles was a basic part of any 1800s uniform. Eye protection was, of course, key but there was also the element of looking very cool while wearing them (even in the 19th century).

If you want to buy a real-deal pair of steampunk goggles that would have been worn a lot during the 1800s, then blue goggles would be your best bet. This came about when Englishman, Robert Hunt discovered that when a light beam passed through a blue lens, it was able to magnetize a needle on a compass. He also found that there was no other color for a lens that could do this. Blue glasses were thought to have magical powers and they naturally became incredibly popular.

In terms of color, novelty plays a big role. Very popular currently is a pair of novelty Victorian goggles with amazing adjustable lenses, silver metal framing (together with some intricate bronze brocade) and colored lenses in a variety of colors. These steampunk goggles look incredible as they give a retro as well as futuristic feel: all at the same time.

What Is Steampunk Cosplay, Is It Still Popular 

There is no such thing as cosplay without a pair of steampunk goggles.

If you were wondering what exactly cosplay is, well, in recent times, it has been a very basic part of conventions. Cosplay has also evolved from being popular with only a few, very hardcore geeks to being well-loved by any self-respecting costume enthusiast.

Cosplay has literally gone viral to such an extent that if you attend a convention and you are not in a well-thought of and complex-looking costume, you will find yourself in the minority. To put this in perspective, simply have a look on any photo-sharing social media site, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest and you will find an explosion of interesting cosplay photos.

Cosplay has now become mainstream and is an essential part of today’s pop culture.  

If you had to associate cosplay with any movement, it would definitely be the geek movement. Whether you absolutely love cosplay, you abhor it, one thing’s for sure, cosplay is here to stay, at least for the next few years.

Any good cosplay costume needs some well-thought out accessories. If you really want to add that “wow” factor to your cosplay costume, it goes without saying that you will need a great pair of steampunk goggles.

A pair of good-looking steampunk goggles will take your cosplay costume from zero to here and will give it that “je ne sais quoi” and really make it stand out (in a good way). If you pick out a pair of steampunk goggles that you really like, you can use them with any cosplay outfit you create. Make sure that you select a pair that is both comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing. That way, you will be happy to wear them for hours on end.

Any type of steampunk goggle will be suitable for a cosplay costume, if it goes with the overall look you are trying to achieve. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box because this is when the magic happens.

Steampunk fashion is a great way to dress up because this kind of fashion is actually a sub-genre of the science fiction-based steampunk movement as a whole. People from all walks of life love it because it is the perfect combination of Victorian influence and takes several elements from the 18th century’s European Industrial Revolution. So, whether you choose to accessorize with steampunk jewelry, makeup or even body modification, don’t forget your steampunk goggles.

How Do You Wear Steampunk Goggles

When dressing for cosplay, your steampunk goggles can be worn in many different ways to compliment your outfit. You could be conventional and wear your steampunk goggles over your eyes. Although we are not saying that you shouldn’t wear them over your eyes, this is quite a controversial method because many hardcore steampunk enthusiasts feel that this is the worst way in which to wear them.

They believe that if you are a true Steampunk, you won’t wear them over your eyes. Another school of thought states that steampunk goggles are functional, so why not wear them as they were intended. We’ll let you decide.

A very popular way to wear your steampunk goggles is on your head. In cosplay, this is probably the most common way to wear them. Wearing them like this is more subtle than wearing them over your eyes. It still allows you to make a statement, however subliminally. If you really want to get creative with your costume, you may wish to consider another, more inspired way but there is nothing wrong with wearing them on your head.

Hats abound in cosplay, making it the perfect place to wear your steampunk goggles. This is a unique and creative look because cosplay hats are mostly all different so you can look different without really trying too hard. Just make sure that your goggles attach properly to your hat because it would be a crisis if they would be to fall off.

If you are trying to make a statement without appearing too concerned, why not wear your steampunk goggles around your neck for a very nonchalant look. This method is very popular amongst hipsters and with those who want an outfit that looks accidentally very well put together.

Do you have a dog or a cat? Who says that they can’t wear steampunk goggles as well? Pets wearing steampunk goggles has become huge lately and it’s easy to see why. They just look so darn cute with them on. This is a great way to show off your beloved steampunk goggles, especially if you don’t have any that match your current cosplay outfit. The best part of this is that your dog (or cat) will look great with any type or color of steampunk goggle so you could even wear a pair yourself.

When it comes to steampunk goggles and cosplay, the opportunities are endless and all that is needed is a little imagination and you are good to go.